New Law Would Void “Non-Disparagement” Clauses that Silence Online Reviews

Dec 13, 2017
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What is the New Law?

The new law that is currently gaining attention aims to void "non-disparagement" clauses found in contracts which have been used to silence online reviews. These clauses often prevent customers from sharing their honest opinions and experiences online. Critics argue that such clauses undermine consumers' freedom of speech and hinder transparency in the marketplace.

The Impact on Businesses

The proposed law could have significant implications for businesses, particularly those that rely on positive online reviews to generate sales and build their reputation. Without the ability to enforce non-disparagement clauses, companies will need to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer expectations in order to maintain a positive online presence.

The Benefits for Consumers

For consumers, the new law would provide protection against legal repercussions when expressing their honest opinions about products or services online. This would empower individuals to share valuable feedback, helping others make informed decisions and fostering a more transparent marketplace.

Supporters and Opponents

Supporters of the new law argue that it upholds the principles of free speech and ensures fair competition by allowing consumers to freely express their experiences without fear of retribution. Opponents, on the other hand, express concerns that false or malicious reviews may harm businesses unfairly, and that such clauses are necessary to protect companies' reputation.

The Importance of Online Reviews

Online reviews have become an integral part of the consumer decision-making process. Prospective customers often rely on the experiences shared by others when considering a product or service. Positive reviews build trust and confidence, leading to increased sales and business growth. Conversely, negative reviews can have a detrimental impact on reputation and sales.

How Businesses Can Adapt

With the potential nullification of non-disparagement clauses, businesses must shift their focus to delivering exceptional products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction at every touchpoint. By prioritizing customer feedback and actively addressing concerns, businesses can establish trust and loyalty within their consumer base.


The new law aiming to void "non-disparagement" clauses that silence online reviews could have far-reaching implications for both businesses and consumers. While businesses may need to adapt their strategies to maintain a positive online reputation, consumers stand to benefit from increased freedom of expression and a more transparent marketplace. Stay informed and continue to explore our website for the latest updates in the Arts & Entertainment industry.