Testimonial: Online Orientation Platform

Dec 5, 2019
Online Orientations

Introduction to the Testimonial Online Orientation Platform

Welcome to Visions Media and Productions, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the Arts & Entertainment industry. In this testimonial, we will dive into the success story of Louisiana State University (LSU) and how they utilized our Online Orientation Platform, Testimonial, to revolutionize their onboarding process.

Enhancing the Student Onboarding Experience

At Visions Media and Productions, we understand the importance of a smooth and engaging onboarding experience for students. With universities facing the challenge of remote learning and limited physical interactions, an effective online orientation platform becomes indispensable. Testimonial offers LSU the perfect solution to ensure their students feel connected, informed, and prepared from the moment they step on campus.

The Key Features of Testimonial

Testimonial is packed with features designed to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly orientation experience:

  • Interactive Welcome Materials: With Testimonial, LSU can provide visually appealing and interactive welcome materials, including videos, images, and infographics. This engages students and helps them feel involved right from the start.
  • Customizable Modules: LSU can tailor the Testimonial platform to meet their specific needs. From campus maps and virtual tours to course catalogs and academic resources, the platform is fully customizable to showcase the university's unique attributes.
  • Student Collaboration Tools: Testimonial includes features that foster student collaboration. LSU students can connect, communicate, and share their experiences with each other, forming a sense of community even before they step foot on campus.
  • Seamless Integration: Testimonial seamlessly integrates with LSU's existing systems, ensuring a streamlined onboarding process. From student registration to resource management, this integration minimizes administrative effort and maximizes efficiency.

The LSU Success Story

LSU's adoption of Testimonial has yielded exceptional results. Students now have access to a centralized platform that guides them through their transition into university life. By leveraging the power of Testimonial, LSU has achieved:

Increased Student Engagement

Testimonial encourages students to actively participate in their onboarding process. The interactive features and collaborative tools create a sense of inclusivity and engagement, resulting in a more connected student body.

Improved Information Retention

Providing information in a visually appealing and interactive format helps students retain essential details. By offering multimedia-rich content, Testimonial ensures that students have the knowledge and resources they need, improving their success rates.

Enhanced University Branding

Testimonial allows LSU to showcase its unique strengths and values throughout the orientation process. By customizing the content and incorporating the university's branding elements, Testimonial maximizes the impact of the onboarding experience and enhances the institution's reputation.

Streamlined Administrative Workflow

By integrating Testimonial with LSU's existing systems, administrative tasks are simplified and automated. This results in reduced workload for staff members, allowing them to focus on delivering a superior educational experience.


With Testimonial, Visions Media and Productions has successfully provided LSU with an advanced online orientation platform that has transformed the way new students are welcomed into their university journey. The comprehensive features, student engagement tools, and seamless integration make Testimonial a top choice for universities in the Arts & Entertainment category.